Sunday, July 25, 2010

I had a bunny chasing day today... kids next door wanted us to look after their lovely little rabbit .. called Theodore... went over to give him water and food and his cage was empty.  He'd made an escape ...  Yikes!    I thought my bunny chasing days were over once I'd left Australia.  I had many bunnies over the years ... right up until I was about 45 years old. I love them.    I thought I would never be able to find him in the long grass and the field being behind us both.

I thought perhaps he might have gone over to where he was born.  His mum and dad still live there with another family and sure enough there he was sitting on their back lawn. They weren't home either so I managed to catch him and bring him back to his own cage.  Then found out where he had escaped and got my Brian to repair the cage. After some hammering and fixing ... a bunch of wasps swarmed out from under the shed where his cage was ... so we ran off home with the wasps chasing us.  Theodore is now housed on our deck in the big wooden crate with wire on the front that I brought my Wilbur dog from Australia with me on the Qantas plane.   Luckily I still had it.   I wonder what tomorrow will bring.... more wasps I'm sure. Darn things there seems to be a pile of them everywhere this summer.  I guess little Theodore is having a "long weekend" away from home as well...  he'll be reunited tomorrow with the four little girls who live there.... and their dad can finish repairs in amongst the wasp nest. 

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