Monday, July 12, 2010

I've lost my "oomph" today .... tired and not feeling well.  Suddenly my bike fall aches and pains have become too distracting. I don't feel like doing a darn thing other than sleeping, taking some aspirins, or just sitting around feeling sorry for myself.

I did manage to fill up the bird feeders which we did yesterday and it was all gone.  Very windy conditions over the past week.... I hate the wind... but it didn't stop the multitude of birds from flying around and landing on the feeders and filling themselves up.   Gorgeous little creatures they are and for whatever reason they seem to be all back with a vengeance ...  they disappeared when it was baby bird making time, or nest building time or bug eating time ... or whatever it was that makes them leave the seeds for more natural food.  It's a treat to watch them...and their tunes are wonderful from the trees in the field.   I think I'm spoiling them.........  *(s)

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