Saturday, July 10, 2010

Let's hope the latest effort by BP to stop the oil flow will work... they say it will get worse (could it possibly be worse) before it improves.  Then there's Celine Dion ... expecting twin boys later this year.  Gosh aren't all these celebrities having twins lately.   Invitro fertilization must work pretty well.    And Arizona.. how could the United States sue one of its own states. That's so weird.  I feel bad for Arizona because at least they are trying to do something about the illegal immigration problem.  I guess the neighbouring states who disagree with Arizona Governor won't change their minds till the killing comes to their own doorstep.   It must be a horrible situation for people living in Arizona... (one rancher was killed recently by illegals).... he was on his own property.     The world sure seems to be going crazy lately.  

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