Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Little girls graphic  by Mary Engelbreit.
What would we do without our friends.
I had a lovely surprise this morning in the mail from a dear, sweet lady who lives in New Zealand.  She spoiled me with a gorgeous little fabric bag made from Mary Engelbreit fabric.  I have always loved Mary's artworks .. they are fresh, cute, sweet and filled with bright and cheerful designs and colours ...

Just what I needed to make me feel cared about and invigorated.  These past few months my diabetes seems to be getting me down.  Tired legs, aches and pains and just this morning as I went back to bed I said to my hubby that I feel like a bus has gone through the bedroom in the night and knocked me over.  Falling off my bike a few times over the past 6 months hasn't helped. I'm just getting old I guess.   I never feel like mowing the lawns any more or doing much more than is absolutely necessary and hot weather doesn't help either. I  much prefer the coolness and snow so having hot days here in the woods with the bugs and the high winds at times is wearing me out........ then I look at the news and feel worse.   Is there never any good news to report to us all........
I guess I should be glad I'm not a waitress like the ladies in the photo below...  can  you imagine having to work in those outfits......  *(s)

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