Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Maybe this weekend or early next week we'll be heading down south to Vancouver way to visit the rellies.  It's such a long time in between seeing great grandpa and his wife and now we also have grand children, and children to see as they, too have moved to the big sticks.  I'm very envious because I love visiting Museums, or going to the movies, going to outdoor markets, or just going to the Walmart and some of the gorgeous stores they have in Canada's malls.   Our little country town is very much out of the way of the super stores and all the other delicious places I'd love to be visiting.  We're going to be lonely I think up here .... when everyone we love and care about is way down south at least 11 hours from us... and more.

My favourite thing to do is sit at the ocean side and just look out to sea.  We can do that down south ... go to the beach and look across the water to Washington state, USA... and I can imagine if I kept going on that ocean that eventually I would come to Australia again.  Last time I was there I thought about Tasmania and the rest of Australia and started crying. It's always been difficult being away from ones home country.  It's the little things I miss the most .. (apart from friends of course).... like foods I favoured, or products I used,  things I became used to for the first 50 years of my life.    Starting over in another country has got to be one of the most difficult things in one's life.

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