Thursday, July 1, 2010

 Doing my happy dance.... I had a lovely bike ride this evening... cool and a bit breezy but it was nice to get out and about.  The train which comes through town (well one of thousands of them) was going  very slow and we actually thought it had stopped.  We had to cross the line two times on our journey and suddenly it started to move .. creeping along the tracks so he obviously was trying to use up some of the time probably because he must have been ahead of schedule.  Anyway I thought why don't I race the train so I did.   My legs were going  so fast and the train was level with me up until I got to the bridge and had to slow down.  The man was waving to me and I always wave to the drivers too.  That is my first "train race" ....  They are so long ... one day I counted 143 containers from all over the USA and Canada. They have names of cities on them and other interesting information.  I'll take my camera next time and get a photo of one to share here on my blog.    I love trains................  *(s)  I think I should have been a boy.

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