Friday, July 9, 2010

Now we have three little squirrels in our bird feeders.  I shall have to start calling them squirrel feeders. One little guy or gal lets me stand beside the feeder whilst its there.  I talk to it of course ... so perhaps a gentle voice is all it takes for it to not feel threatened.  The pile of sunflower seeds soon vanishes whilst I watch up close.  I could reach out and touch it and yesterday it leaned over and looked at me as if to say ... who the heck are you... leave me in peace to get on with my meal.     Beautiful little critters ... I sure do love them all.    

They cannot see straight ahead of them because their eyes are on the side of their face and not in the centre like ours so they need to tilk their heads to see what's in front of them. They jump around the trees and branches like circus performers. Quite a treat to see them doing their squirrel thing.  It's been very hot here in the woods and the birds in particular love my bird bath .. which I need to keep filling up with cold water because it soon has become warm and uninviting for them.   I think they all are getting very spoiled by an old Aussie.

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