Thursday, July 29, 2010

Such a pretty image .. artist unknown to me.   I wanted to add some roses here when I write about the horrific goings on at Arlington National cemetery. 

WASHINGTON -- Estimates of the number of graves potentially affected by mix-ups at Arlington National Cemetery grew to as many as 6,600 on Thursday, as the cemetery's former superintendent blamed his staff and a lack of resources for the scandal that forced his ouster.

John Metzler, who ran the famous military burial ground for 19 years, said he accepts "full responsibility" for the problems.   But he also rebutted some of findings of Army investigators. And he suggested cemetery employees were to blame for mix-ups because the system used to track grave sites relied mostly on a complicated paper trail vulnerable to error. 

What a bunch of hogwash that statement is from Metzler......19 years and he didn't know it was happening. I'm totally appalled at this outrage as most people are. The service men do not deserve this. Can you imagine going to visit your loved one's grave ... now to find out that you have been visiting someone else.  And gravestones being found in creek beds..  I've been to Arlington Cemetery and it was a humbling experience to see the thousands of white crosses in the beautiful green grass and tree covered area.  It's amazing to see how many lives have been lost.  And that's just one cemetery.   This guy needs to be put in jail for the rest of his life.    God Bless those dear men (and women) for giving their lives to their country.

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