Saturday, July 10, 2010

This afternoon this was me ... running around the deck and yard like a crazy little dog chasing wasps.  They were after us... I guess they were chasing me...instead of me chasing them.  *(s).

Darn things seem to want to build their cute little round igloo like nests in our shed, and now there is one under our decking which we can't get to so I'll have to be careful and not sit above where they might be.

This little dog reminds me of my sweet Wilbur who passed away 2 years ago. He was an Aussie dog and loved being in Canada.  He'd have chased the bugs for me...  I also tried to dig up a little tree that was beyond our fence in the field and plant it in our lawn but that was not successful as it wasn't really a tree but rather a sucker sort of thing growing on the roots of the other trees nearby .....  little Connor was so interested in helping his old grandma dig a little hole.  Nearly three years old in November .. growing himself like a weed or a tall Canadian tree.  I think he'll be tall like his grandpa.

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