Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This little darling obviously was so hot he or she could not stand it any longer.
As I looked at the weather map today of the USA they had Phoenix at 112 degrees.   I've been to Phoenix and it was a lovely place but oh!!!!  so hot.
I couldn't live there.  Bless its little heart ... it's found somewhere cool to plonk down and rest a bit.  Gotta love them for all the funny things they do.

Thank goodness our heat has subsided a bit. Coolness prevails and I can now at least add another cover on my bed instead of just the sheet and turn the overhead fan down to low. 

And our flower bed out front has plants in it that seem to be on steroids. They are bursting into flower and the greenery is getting about 6 inches bigger every day.  It's like they all have to grow like crazy because soon the snow will be back.  

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