Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tiger Wood's wife is divorcing him to the tune of 750 million dollars.... Yikes!!!...  just shows you how much he must have to begin with. Good on her... unlike Sandra Bullock who it seems has taken back and forgave her cheating husband.  He's also a monster for holding dog fighting rings.  Who would want to ever be married to a guy like that ... who also was married to a porn actress before he married Sandra.  YUCK...
And cancer ridden Elizabeth Edwards (married to former Presidental candidate John Edwards .. also a cheating husband ...) has finally "separated" from this monster.  Al Gore ... ex Vice President ... is embroiled in a sex scandal too.  Can't these guys keep there zippers closed.  

Then there is Obama again on the telly this morning... every single day he's there making a speech about something. Why doesn't he stop talking and take some action. I don't think I'm the only one sick and tired of seeing his face on a daily basis.......  all he seems to do is talk.  Oh dear ...   And poor Arizona.  I think they are being treated so badly in the illegal immigration hassle.  With 12 million illegals in the USA at least they are trying to do something about it.  And now the federal government is taking them to court.... for heavens sake they are part of their own country.  It's ridiculous... and so unfair.   And another recession they say is on the way...  so much for all that stimulus money poured into the economy.    Canada Day today.... and I'm off on my  bike ride before the sun gets too hot.... It's 110 degrees today in Arizona...  I'm glad I'm not in Arizona.  *(s).  It's a lovely place but oh so hot.

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