Friday, July 16, 2010

Time for a big make over of my website so I've been busy deleting images, changing pages, re-organising graphics and other things in my files.   What a job!!!   With well over 1.4 gigabytes for sale it was a whopping bit of business to deal with and I'm going now for a more streamlined effect with more  digital designer dressups for you all to enhance your own creations.   It will be quite an overhaul which will probably take me a good month to sort through.  But hey!!  what else have I got to do up here in the woods of Canada.   Beautiful days which beckon you to just sit out on the cool deck with a long drink in one hand and a mysterious mystery book in the other.  Birds flying by and chirping and feeding,  flowers growing in the pots beside me and the gentle breeze moves my swing seat back and forth.    Or I could always go online and sort through the homes and apartments down south where we might be moving next summer.  I would love to be closer to more stores and even a movie theatre.  Our little town seems to be getting smaller on a weekly basis with stores closing and people also moving to larger communities....

At least BP has put a stop so far to the oil spill so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this might be the end of it all but I have my doubts along with the thousands and if not millions of other people who are so upset by it all.   I heard Obama today on the news talking about it as if he was an employee of B.P.  Every few words of his speech were "we"....  "we've capped the hole"...etc.  What the heck has he been doing .... so far all I've seen him do is go once again on the darn campaign trail to get more Democrats elected in the mid terms. 

Well time for my bed........ thanks Patricia for the nice image about
 books....  *(s)

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