Monday, July 26, 2010

Time I went over to the library again to find some more mysteries. For some unknown reason I've lately been reading romance novels.  I got a whole box of them from the huge yard sale last month held in our town to raise money for the hospice.  I think now I've had my fill of drooling women, all helpless in the beginning then as the story goes on ... she meets the guy, they argue, she puts up with his other girlfriend, thinks he doesn't want her so gives up .. then they fall in love for real and live happily ever after.  I think I could write some of these novels.  All the same really just with different characters and scenarios.  I do enjoy the vintage ones though... back in the 1800's with their long dresses and the guys who treat them badly or pretend they aren't interested.   Funny when you think about it. I don't think life is very much like we read in romance novels.  Oh well...  I'll ride my bike over to the library today to see what I can find.............   It was a dark and stormy night .....  *(s)  Thank you Patricia my friend for the little mystery lover blinkie......

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