Sunday, July 11, 2010

Well isn't this one gorgeous. He looks like he's been peeking through some holes and got rings around his eyes.  Or maybe its a new pair of glasses.  I love him.

What a wonderful little furry friend he would be .. or she... You can see the photo larger if you click on it.
He's obviously a cross between a husky and a wolf.

I saw a beautiful German Shepherd this morning on my "bike ride"... I had ventured out after my last fall and went slowly .. got off and walked a bit as well and a man was taking his dog out for a walk in the early morning coolness. It's been so hot here lately.  It was only a young dog but very elegant and strong and interested in me as I stopped near him.  A little talk to him and a pat on his head and off they both went again.    I sure do miss my beloved Wilbur.   We had so many wonderful walks in the snow.

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