Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Well what are we now... into Day 79 or something like that. The oil spill keeps growing... the stupid big ship called "A Whale" seems to be worse than useless at skimming the oil from the water. You can only use it when the ocean is completely flat it seems. What good is that. How often are there no darn waves on the ocean.  Nothing more about Kevin Costner's efforts, (no matter how hard he's trying they still don't seem to be using anything).   And they still don't know if this second well will work to stop the flow of disgusting oil into the pristine waters of the gulf.  And now we hear that there are 26,000 unused and disgarded oil rigs and bits of oil rigs still out there in the water with nobody monitoring if there are leaks from them or not.  It's all about the money.  Obama had his chance to stop this deep sea crap before it even started because he knew it was dangerous and might result in such a disaster. He said no .. let's keep doing it because we want the money.  Oh dear!!!  I need to stop hearing and seeing him .......  every single day he seems to have his face on the telly. 

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