Saturday, August 21, 2010

An anniversary card for you....
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I've had a busy week since arriving home from my vacation.  Done so much I can hardly believe it.  Painted fences, decks, boot room walls, ....  Moved so much furniture, boxes, containers, cleared off shelves, sorted through stuff I didn't know I had ....  filled up the sheds, re-arranged and moved outside garden furniture and potted plants, ...  repaired the wooden bits around one of our inside doors,

made a curtain for my bedroom, so much work I'm wearing myself out. *(s).  Soon I hope to get onto learning my driving licence book again and perhaps taking a driving test if I can find a little car to do it in.  If I can't borrow one for the test I perhaps can pay the driving instruction people to loan me one of theirs.   I gotta try !!!!!!     oh well... at least I'm losing a bit of weight or at least not gaining any from taking this darn insulin. 

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