Sunday, August 22, 2010

As I clear out our house, move stuff around and find things I never knew I had or had completely forgotten about I am also doing the same with my computer.  Links to all sorts of things in my favourites area .... finding good stuff that I will definitely have to go through more thoroughly.  One was a Victorian link that led me to many other webpages one of which was for hand made Vintage corsets.  By golly seeing those would make anyone go on a diet. Their waists were so tiny and with all that pushing and pulling ... the old boobs would surely get a new lease on life.  *(s).   I doubt that I could even breathe having myself scrunched in like that.    I also just noticed the magnifying glass option on the bottom of my screen  (right hand side) where it says 100%.   If you click on that it makes the size of your words etc on screen so much larger.  I must have accidentally clicked on that one day because my words suddenly were weird and also wonderful .... so that's a good thing to remember if your eyesight is failing like mine is.    

Another day of doing stuff .... nearly finished thank goodness.  I hope we both make it still in one piece after some near misses from falling boxes and  ladders. 

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