Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just checking in from a friends house.  Wow its hot here today ... down near Vancouver.  We all came for a walk but my old knees were still hurting from the fall from my bike so I'm staying put till they pick me up on the way back from doing their shopping.....    Trip down the highway from home (way up north) .. took us some 15 or so hours and all the way there were forest fires.  So much smoke it was hard to drive and see.  One of the big water bombers crashed tragically the day before we went through that area and two pilots were killed.  It's such a dangerous job.  So sad ... fires are still raging out of control and there are nearly 400 burning so far even up close to where we came from so I'm hoping they can deal with that one.

We saw lots of deer on the highway ... a moose and even a bear in one of the fields.So much traffic being a long weekend in Canada ... I was glad when we got to our destination because everyone seems to be in such a hurry on the roads.  Wonderful drive down through the huge canyon where you look down over the side of the road and its about 400 or more feet below you .... river raging along and two train lines. They look like toys winding their way along the mountain side.  Made me wonder how on earth did the men ever construct such a thing.   Well I shall go ....  

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