Thursday, August 19, 2010

Moving ... even thinking about moving is such a daunting task but to come back from a vacation deciding that its best to move down where all our relatives are, more shops, hospitals, dentists, and all the other things we miss out on up here in the woods ..... unless we travel a long way to get there ...  well ... it's enough to make you crazy.  After making the big decision to up root ourselves and plant our old bodies in an apartment instead of having to do maintenance around our home and cut lawns etc is such a big step but one which inevitably I think comes with getting old.   Aching bones, diabetes,  all sorts of things one doesn't have to deal with usually when younger... but now its catching up with us and I'm so looking forward to having places to go and things to see.

We've been up and down ladders making repairs to things, moving furniture around, making our rooms less cluttered ... even though they were nice to begin with one wonders where the heck did all the stuff come from in the first place.  My little un-used car got towed away yesterday ... I cried ... it was a part of my life when I first came here to Canada and it was when I could drive.  Many years without driving means I'll need to try again for my licence. Oh well...  I'll keep you all posted on the adventures of old Jana ....  in the meantime I'm at least glad that we have not been burned to pieces in these horrible forest fires happening all around us.  Many places have been evacuated.  And the smoke is horrendous.  Lightening it seems is the main culprit for starting them ... one is so huge and out of control they are just having to let it burn itself out. How that can possibly happen is beyond me.    It's pretty bad .........................

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