Thursday, August 26, 2010

Painting, sanding, and all sorts of activities today as we near the end of our endeavours to put our house up for sale.  Monday will be the day then we can begin to just sit back and wait for a buyer.   We have had lovely, gorgeous rain all day so that should help with all the terrible wild fires around us... and I'll be so glad to get out of these painting clothes ...  although wearing crappy things is much easier when you are cooking not having to worry about splashing yourself.  Or doing dishes or anything else when your clothes are covered in paint.  Also we have ordered a new computer so that will arrive about second week in September.  I'm busy making a note of email addresses, favourite plug ins for paintshop pro, favourite websites or links to authors I like.  I have so much to remember ... so my little pink notebook has come in handy for writing that stuff in.

I noticed old Tiger Woods got divorced yesterday. Wife gets about 700 million dollars.  And what about those miners trapped  in South America .. they think they will  still be there until Christmas. Isn't that incredible.  It will take them that long to dig them out.  I think it would drive you to insanity being confined in a dark space for that length of time.  They can give them food and water and anti depressants I heard on the news ...   and notes from loved ones but what a terrible experience it will be for them.

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