Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When I was away on vacation so was Michelle Obama. However her jaunt cost the US taxpayers plenty. At a time when there is so many unemployed and the housing crisis etc she thought nothing of shelling out thousands of dollars on her trip. Security alone was a monstrous cost to the public. Gosh I don't know why these people think they can keep spending and there'll be no backlash. Furious that her husband Barack Obama invited Oprah Winfrey to his Chicago birthday bash, first lady Michelle blew nearly half a million dollars on a shopping spree in Spain! Now the first couple are facing a huge backlash because her extravagant overseas vacation will cost U.S. taxpayers an estimated $75,000 a day! The American press roasted Michelle for her luxury getaway, with one newspaper columnist calling her "a modern-day Marie Antoinette" for vacationing while the economy lost 131,000 jobs.Obama however, is well aware that Oprah helped his campaign immensely by endorsing him for president, and he knows that he's going to need her again...hence the invitation to his party. Aren't they indeed just like the rest of the politicians. Not really interested in the good of the country but instead focussed on themselves.

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