Friday, September 17, 2010

Beautiful sunshine seems to be bursting forth in a last ditch effort to keep summer with us but alas... snow is on the mountains in the distance and the bird bath water is getting frozen every night.   I fed the birds this morning and there were a few more about ... I guess they will soon be filling up as much as possible just like the bears because the winter is not far away. Shops in town have Halloween costumes and Fall scarecrows, and other goodies... candy of course for the kids on Halloween ...  and our trees around us are turning yellow and golden reds. It's such a pretty time of the year although its kind of sad to see one's flowers dying off.   I did love my petunias this year.  Lots of pretty pots out on the huge deck made it a lovely place to sit and listen to the bird songs and enjoy the summery days.     Oh well !!   I'm hoping there are still some people around who want to buy homes because ours is up for sale and its such a slow market.  

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