Friday, September 10, 2010

Every morning when I wake up and turn on the telly I wonder what will be on the news. This morning it was awful to see and hear about the terrible, terrible gas explosion in San Francisco.  Houses were blown up .. in a whole neighbourhood.  Then of course its the ninth anniversary of nine eleven.  I can't believe its been that long since the planes went into the Twin Towers and so many people lost their lives in the terror attacks on the USA.   Nothing seems to change ...  now the new threat is home grown terrorists.  People born in the USA who want to kill Americans.  They go to Somalia or wherever to train as terrorists and then come home and want to kill as many people as they can.    Then there is the debacle over the mosque at Ground Zero.  It's a terrible idea and one that seems to be going to happen .. despite protests.   The guy who wants to build the darn thing has ties to terrorists and is a crook himself so I'm appalled that the city is allowing it to happen.   I'll say some prayers today for those who died 9 years ago. 

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