Monday, September 27, 2010

Gosh my big wide 23 inch computer screen ... sometimes looks like I'm at the drive in.  Reading the huge screen we used to sit in front of on Saturday nights mostly with a good bunch of our Aussie mates.  I can remember going with my fiance and his friends and my Old English sheepdog one night.  Boswell was gorgeous and he loved being included in our outings so off we went.  He sat in the front seat ... it was an old Ford Falcon with a bench sort of seat and there was plenty of room for three.  We went to the cafeteria at half time and returned with a huge stash of chips ... (or french fries as they call them here in Canada).  Well Boswell got sick of the chips being passed back and forth across his nose so he decided he wanted the lot and his face ended up in the container.  So he did indeed get them all.   

Then there were the guys who would sneak in the boot (trunk) of the car.  Not our car of course .. *s...  but you could see them from your parked space getting out of the rear ends of vehicles when the lights went down.  And what about the people who would accidentally drive off with the speakers still attached to their wind screens.  It was quite an effort to find your car in the dark when all those rows across and up and down all looked the same.  One needed some sort of map to locate your car again.  I loved going to the drive in. Parents could take their kids in pyjamas,  nobody bothered to get dressed up ..... and you could always park next to your pals if they went as well.  It's a shame they have all gone.  I think the kids today have missed out on a wonderful experience.  We all used to hope that it didn't rain.    Wow!!!! just looked up drive ins on internet and there are indeed quite a few open.  What a treat .... !!

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