Saturday, September 18, 2010

I had some fun this morning. A friend rang to tell us about a couple of garage sales so hubby and I biked over to see what was for sale.  We spent $16 ... and I came home with a chandelier, a cream coloured porcelain heart shaped box with roses on it, some very pretty trivets to stand our hot dishes on ... a lacey box that I'm going to give to grand daughter, also got an elegant candle holder and 4 napkin rings in the shape of gold bows. .   It was fun looking and I had my eye on the chandelier which was only $10 but wasn't sure if we could get it hooked up over our table.  So we continued on our bike ride over to the grocery store and on the way back I called back into the yard sale to see if anyone had purchased the chandelier. Yes they had and they were going to come back to get it.

Well I really would have loved it and as usual I should have got it when it first caught my eye... so I asked the lady if she would phone me if by chance the other lady didn't return for it.  So an hour later when they were ready to close up shop the phone rang and it was her telling me I could have it.... so I got over there pretty fast and now am the proud owner of a very pretty light fitting.  I love it.  Very shabby chic ......its got all its bits but we will have to get an electrician to install it for us and it will definitely be coming with me if we sell our house.
I love these yard sales and there won't be too many more this year ............

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