Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I wanted to take some photos today of the gorgeous yellow trees that are surrounding us here in the woods.  We went to our favourite little place near the river where my dog Wilbur would love to swim but now it all looks so very different. I think if he'd been able to join us there today he wouldn't have recognised the place.  The beavers had been working hard on blocking the river and the course of it had changed dramatically.  There were a few salmon swimming there and it is such a nice, peaceful place to sit and contemplate whatever .. (s) .....  I love going there and it was sad that my beautiful Wilby could not again play there with his mum in the water.  I sure do miss his pretty face and playful times we had. 

You could see the reflections of the trees in the water ....there were bear tracks and beaver marks .. chewed off tree bits and although we looked for their living space we think the beavers  were long gone.  I'd like to think they just moved on and that nothing bad happened to them.  I love those little guys who work from the moment they are born and hear running water.  It's instict to immediately stop if flowing.
You can click on the image below to see it larger...and there are two salmon in the foreground.

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