Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Michelle Obama is on a multi million dollar spending spree.  She has no thoughts of the millions unemployed or the bad economy. She has plans for more expensive vacations with friends in the New Year and loves buying designer dresses.

No cut backs for her as the country struggles with the worst recession ever. White House advisers hit the roof when they heard of her plans. They have told the president he quickly needs to get his wife “under control” because her reckless spending – on trips, shopping and redecorating – is sending an intensely negative mes­sage to Americans in a bad economy and could under­mine his re-election plans.
Re-electing him won't bother me... I'm not an American but I sure do feel bad for what he is doing to the country.  

I wonder if Michelle has any hats like this pretty one.  These vintage ladies sure were elegant .... but I guess only if you were rich enough to afford the pretties.  I think we see a glamourized version of "Victorian and vintage" from movies and old photographs because most of the people were probably poor working class women with not one elegant dress in their closet.
I think Michelle probably has carpenters in the White House making her some more closets to put all these mind blowing expensive outfits in.  

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