Sunday, September 26, 2010

A new look today for my blog... although I like the whimsical look and modern, bright colours I also like the vintage, elegant and retro designs.  I seem to be venturing into a scrappy, shabby, digital collage sort of trip .. I sure do like these old costumes with the lace, hats, ribbons, bows, hat boxes, gorgeous picture frames, and the old way of life with its prettiness, and over the top decorations and interiors.  Swags on the curtains, chandeliers, bell pulls to summon the butler or maids, bedposts with lace and chiffon and whatever other fabric they turned into canopies ... heavens knows what the dust was like up there on top ... *s  ....   Lamps and linens,  lacey hankerchiefs... (does anyone actually use those anymore - I remember my mother loved them).  Gloves in all colours, umbrellas with fancy handles, little bags with strings to pull them shut,  candlesticks (I found three big gorgeous ones last weekend at a garage sale) ... when I got my chandelier.
All those things are reflected on my website so hop over there for a peak if you are yet to do so.  I love creating and there is so much to enjoy .. and purchase if you wish... prices are cheap, cheap, cheap.

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