Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oprah - Miss Deceitful

The other day ... on the first episode of the last season of the Oprah show she surprised her 300 member audience with a trip downunder to Australia which they will be taking in December.  Everyone .. jumping around, crying, getting all excited and happy.  Good for her!   EXCEPT she is not paying for the trip at all.  The Australian government is.  She has not told the audience or the rest of the world that she isn't paying the nearly $3 million dollars it will cost.  Really sneaky ... really deceitful if you ask me and that's why I don't like her anymore and neither it seems do most other people.   I find that she always films every single thing she does ... makes a big deal out of it every time to show her tv audience ... yet other stars donate millions of dollars with no publicity at all.   I often wonder too... no matter how good her intentions are about creating a girls school in South Africa... why isn't she doing that at home in the USA.

Surely there are enough needs for this to happen in her own country.   The Aussies .. and rightly so.... are mad as hell that the government is forking out this taxpayer money for her audience and her to come visit despite the publicity for my country.  It's all a bit sneaky if you ask me.  Oprah is getting the accolades and cheers for taking her audience to Oz ... whoopee ding as my hubby would say ... its not costing her anything.   I hate it when people are like that.....

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