Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our furnace has been coming on ... keeping us warm in the chilly after summer days.  I think today is the first day of Fall or Autumn as we say back in Oz.  Yesterday I dumped my previously pretty potplants that had bloomed gorgeously over the spring and summer.  They had been frozen .. what was left of them... so now my deck is once again bare and it won't be long before we have to bundle up the conifers at the front of our house because the deer really enjoy mkunching on them when food is scarce.    The summer comes and goes all too quickly and its such a long wait again till I see flowers around me.  When we finally sell our house and move I'll be able to enjoy the flowers for longer ... it's not so cold down there where we plan to go ... and most of the apartment buildings have patios packed with flowers .. it's all very pretty.  I think we'll be here for the winter however as it's not the time of year now to be selling ..............  

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