Monday, September 13, 2010

A pretty lady on the balcony for you to save if you do that....  click on the image to see it original size.  I've been fiddling with resolution sizes on my new computer and heavens above ... what a difference it all makes to how we view things.  I will have to now add a little note on the things I sell telling everyone that they will look smaller on larger screens ... and bigger on smaller screens ... so they will now have to decide how they wish to view everything.   It's really a pity that we all don't use the same settings with our computers because even with stationery or colours etc it can all look so varied.

Sun is shining today so I might get outside a bit and tidy up my little garden and potted plants. They are on their last legs for this year .... lots have begun to die off and get ready to go into whatever hibernation they do for the long freezing winter months when they are covered with about 6 feet of ice.  Before I came to Canada I never realised that all that pretty soft snow that falls .... hardens up and becomes solid ice after a little while.  It's like cement.   Anyway have a great day .......

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