Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rain, rain, go away .. come again another day.  I shouldn't say that because I love the rain but its becoming a bit monotonous here in the woods this past week. Every day has been overcast, drizzly and all throughout the night and now its coming down in bucket loads.  Not much to do when the weather is like this .... apart from enjoying our new computer and trying to figure out a few more things that don't seem to be as easy to use as they were with Windows XP.     Yesterday morning bloomed bright and cheery however, so I ventured across the road to the lady's garage sale.  She is selling her home too and has lots of stuff to get rid of.   I came home with a very pretty lamp... it's very delicate and elegant,  also got myself a pretty Japanese design tea set for $8.00,  a really neat wrought iron candle stick thingy ... like I had back in Australia... it holds about 8 candles.  Looks a bit like a chandelier.   Also some more books which I love.. by favourite authors and as I was leaving I looked around a bit more and found a wonderful full size cardboard cutout of John Wayne.  He's so nice and I knew my Brian would love him.

He's now perched very majestically in our video room next to all his movies.  Gotta love the "Duke"... one never knows what you'll find at a garage sale.  They are so much fun but coming to an end for the year very quickly. Winter is coming and the days are drawing in so much earlier now. Darkness comes early at night and stays with us so much longer in the mornings.  Right up here at nearly the top of the world sure is weird at times. 

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