Sunday, October 10, 2010

10th October 2010
At least today I don't have to be confused about how I would write the date on something.  Usually I really have to stop and think about how I do that because in Australia we do it reversed.  We say 10th October and not October 10th... which is fine when its a date like today but confusing when it might be 11.8.10 or any other number when it could be read as November 8th or August 11th.  :-)  Confusing ....... aye!
I'm up early this morning... darn strong winds woke me up. I am scared when it's windy.  I hear noises from the shed behind our bedroom, the trees seem to make noises, gates creak, animals are restless ....  and of course voices in the dark don't help.  The neighbours were banging car doors and yelling in the yard .. obviously some guy was not happy that he could not find his fishing licence before they took off early in the darkness.   Now I'm wide awake and I think I'll have to turn the telly up and watch a  movie on Turner Classic movie channel to drown out the noise of the wind.  I'm such a wimp when the wind blows. 

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