Saturday, October 2, 2010

Already October...where do these months and years go to.  I think as we get older the time seems to fly by but when you are a kid in school you can't wait for the time to come so you can leave.  When you're a teenager going out you can't wait for Saturday to get there so you can go out and have some fun.  When you're working you can't wait till payday so you can get that money in your hands and go pay off that layby (lay a way) of the pretty dress you purchased... or buy that gorgeous new hand bag you have had your eye on for weeks.   But when you get older and married then the months start flying by when the time comes each 4 weeks to pay your mortgage or other things you might have on time payment.  Electricity bills, heating, fees of whatever kind .........  they all come much faster as you get older.   Well they don't really but they sure seem like they do.  Now in our stores we haven't even had Halloween and already there is Christmas decorations.  Then January comes and before we've had Valentines' Day in February they have the Easter eggs on display. 

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