Friday, October 1, 2010

A card for you to save if you wish... click to see it full size.   Gosh thinking of you takes on a new meaning for me after last nights adventure.  "The night was dark and stormy".... well not stormy but dark as pitch and I was asleep in my bed.  I heard a weird noise which woke me up.  It must have been scarey for the dog two doors down because he usually barks at things in the field behind us.

I got up and opened the back door and heard the howling of a wolf.  Well it might have been a coyote .... the pitch was high and his voice was so loud.  Quite beautiful really as I stood and listened a bit more before clapping my hands loudly and telling him to go home.  The noise was so close he might have just been down at the bird feeders or maybe in the field because the sound travels,  But what I noticed more was the quietness of everything around me... no dogs barking at it .......  maybe they were scared and thought they had better not say boo.   I wondered if it was a wolf or coyote mum looking for food for her babies... I love living in the woods but the sounds of wolves scare me too because I get saddened for what might happen to the other animals its obviously looking for.   But I won't forget that sound.  It was so close to me it was almost as if I could reach out and touch it. 

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