Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dentists... gosh I don't like them at all.  Since I was a little girl and had a car accident .... I've been regularly to the dentists for one thing or another.  I would rather go into hospital and have an operation than go to the dentist.  I don't know what it is but I can't stand them.  Some don't talk to you hardly .... other's talk too much ... some seem to be more gentle than others ... perhaps they know a bit more.   Can you guess I have an impending visit to the dentist.  Only good thing about it is that we now have a new one in our little Canadian timber town and I don't have to go one hour north (up Alaska way) ... or an hour south (down  Vancouver way) to have an appointment.  I can even ride my bike over to this one.  He's just about half a mile away from our little house.   I shall love that.  I won't have a lot of time to sit in the truck getting there ... thinking of the horrible things they do to you.   :-)    I hope he's a good one ..... I'm still scared even at 60 years old.  I still feel like that little girl who had a damaged mouth way back in 1966  when we crashed into the car in front of us after it stopped suddenly at the top of a hill......

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