Saturday, October 23, 2010

Did you notice I made the space between the lines a bit larger so it's easier to read the text of my blog.
Did you notice that Christmas is just eight weeks away.
Did you notice that spring has sprung downunder ... the Aussies are looking forward to their summer.
I noticed today that we have more snow on our mountains surrounding us.
I noticed that the USA is spending absolutely disgusting amounts of money on election campaigns.
I noticed that our trees around here are getting very bare and basic.  I miss their pretty green leaves..... I noticed that I seem to have a few more wrinkles.  I noticed the mud on our roads after the deluge of rain we've been having for a week or so.   I noticed that kids are getting excited about Halloween .. and our little grandson Connor is going to be a Ninja and beautiful little Hannie is going to be a vampire.  I hope they lock up my grand dog if there are fireworks happening. He'll be very scared.

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