Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I fiddled today on our older computer with the smaller screen so I could see the WhImsYDusT down the right hand side of my blog ...  gosh it all makes such a difference depending on what resolution you use.  It's a bit of an impossible task to get your blog or webpage etc to look how you would like people to see it when everyone uses different settings.  My large 23 inch screen is lovely but now it means my stationeries will have to be wider as well ....  and I'll have to get used to making larger desktop wallpapers and hoping that I can get this Windows 7 to do what I want it to do.  Oh well....  I guess that's what winter is for.  So I can sit back in the warmth of our little house and look out the window at the snow falling down.  Five or 6 months of it and by the time that's over I should be pretty familiar with all the new fangled things I need to know about my new computer.  :-)

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