Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I've been to the top of the Empire State Building and loved it.  But as I looked down at the streets of New York below me I got dizzy and wobbly and thought holey moley look at how small the cabs are.  They stretched out below me into the distance like long yellow ribbons....  we were up so high it was hard to believe how they even construct these buildings.  Now imagine two Empire States on top of one another ...  that's how deep down into the earth and rock these miners are in Chile. 

I sat up long past my bedtime last night watching television  as one after the other came up from their horrible living space for the past 70 days.  I think .. still now...they only have half of them rescued so it goes on......... So I'll watch again today as they get one after the other up that long distance of earth.  How scarey would that be.   Enclosed in a contraption like a coffin .. going up and up and up and not even straight up as it curves twice in its long journey into the daylight.

It was an emotional experience watching and praying that they would get to the surface safely and so far so good ....   one man had not seen his new baby yet... and I was most surprised to see how fit they were and how happy and exhuberant ..... as they climbed out of the chamber.  Quite an experience for us all to be part of history because it will be one of those times in our lives where we remember what we were doing and where we were when these guys were being rescued. It has never happened before on earth.  No miner has ever been rescued after this length of time underground.   God Bless them all.   I hope they'll be able to cope with their newly found fame and fortune.  Movie deals, books, tv appearances, etc. etc.... 

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