Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Meg Whitman Breaks California Campaign Spending Record
Wow... why is this allowed to be.
Why isn't there a cap on the amount of spending these people seeking political positions can use to get themselves elected. It's so false.  So unfair.  So corrupt even before they get elected that they can "buy" themselves a job.  Meg is the ebay CEO billionaire ....  The billionaire's campaign spent nearly $27 million in the first 11 weeks of the year and she's still spending.
Then there is Obama once again on the election campaign instead of doing his job as President and fixing whats wrong with his country.  When does this guy ever do any work.  He's addicted to being on the telly.
I think I could solve the economic situation in one sweep.  Bring back the jobs from overseas.  Bring back the employment that so many people lost when their jobs went to China, Pakistan, India and everywhere else on the planet except in the country where it was designed, invented, proto-typed or whatever.  These other countries are getting rich at the expense of the USA, makers, designers, architects, ordinary workers etc. They need their jobs back ..............  and the country would prosper.  There is nothing worse than phoning Microsoft or Dell computers or whoever and having to speak to a foreigner on the other end of the phone whom you can't understand and who has "been to school to learn how to sound American".    So annoying ...

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