Thursday, October 21, 2010

National Public Radio fired Fox News contributor Juan Williams on Wednesday after a Monday night appearance in which Williams said that it makes him nervous to fly on airplanes with devout Muslims.
I can't believe what is happening lately in the USA. As much as I love the country they seem to have gone completely muslim mad and nobody can say or do anything detrimental to Muslims.  Williams spoke the truth .. its the same opinion that 70 percent of the USA population have about being somewhat apprehensive or scared even when they see Muslims getting onto planes and I sure know that I would not like to be on a plane with Muslims knowing what happened on 9.11.   Juan Williams has a good case here for suing the government funded radio for millions..  doesn't he have freedom of speech.  It has caused a fire storm around the internet and on tv with celebrities saying that the funding should be taken away from the NPR .......  and all seem to be on the side of Williams.  I don't know what is happening to the United States.  It's so sad when all their values are being eroded and changed.  

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