Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sundays seem to be the day when my diet goes off the wagon... when I crave things I shouldn't have.  When I went to the diabetes educator last year she asked me was there any particular time that I craved anything special and I immediately said Sundays. :-)   No real reason I guess.  Maybe its because it always seems to be a quiet day with not much activity happening and that's when I watch my old Turner Classic Movie channel or read my book sometimes outside in the sun.   Get up late, take an afternoon nap, have cake with my cup of tea... all sorts of "treats" seem to be the order of the day on Sunday.  Watching the birds in the spring and the snow coming down in the winter ........  sometimes baking ... sometimes just doing entirely nothing.  Today is Sunday and I'm doing exactly that !!!!

Also a little bit sad because today I left one of my favourite yahoo groups.  It was a place where I shared my creations but sometimes the rudeness of people gets to you and it simply isn't worth the effort any more.  We all have things to deal with in our lives but that sure is not an excuse to be mean and nasty to anyone who is merely posting something pretty for those members to receive and use ............   Oh well!!!   I will still be sharing lots of my things in my own "Reflections of Hearts" group so join that one if you aren't already a member.  Lots of pretty things each day come from all the members and I'm pretty sure all of them are nice and kind to me and to each other.

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