Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two favourite characters passed away yesterday and today.   Barbara Billingsly played the mum in Leave it to Beaver.  And Tom Bosley who was the father in Happy Days.  I liked him better in Father Dowling Mysteries.  They sure brought me joy when I was younger back in Australia watching the shows in black and white.  Also Michael Douglas doesn't seem to have much time left. He looks dreadful in the recent photos.  He has cancer as does Kim Novak who played opposite James Stewart in a couple of films.  Vertigo was one of those films.  Anything directed by Alfred Hitchcock was fun to watch and always scared me.  God Bless Barbara and Tom for bringing the world much fun and enjoyment in their working days.  I always watch All in the Family starring Carrol O'Connor and he too....  brings me smiles each day as I watch the re-runs over and over....  Every time I see him he makes me laugh. They were all so talented.  Love you all ....

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