Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Well having to deal with updates and new versions of horrible windows 7 I am finding that my experience of having a new computer is becoming more and more tiresome on a daily basis.  Yesterday Microsoft told me I needed to update ... did that... and lo and behold now all my mail program, options, selections, viewing, attachements etc is like a mine field with all sorts of different ways of doing things ... most of which I'm not one bit interested in.   Logging in, sharing on Facebook or whatever isn't what I need to do each day just to read my mail.  Now I notice this afternoon in my groups that attachments like tag extras or a bunch of pretty images come in as very small thumbnails which I find hard to read and don't want there.   Ever since I've had the new computer .... about a month now.... every day brings more hassles and complications which I don't need nor want.   I'm not into the social networking thingy... my blog is enough for me...  I don't have a bunch of family members to send photos to every time I log in or press the send button ..... nor do I have a mobile phone ....  I can certainly live without having to text or phone everyone about every move I make every second of the day.

Yesterday I happened to change the colour of my three email accounts to distinguish them from my hubby's accounts.  Well this morning in my mailboxes I got a whole bunch of spam which obviously came from Microsoft who knew what I had done with the email accounts.  I even found an option today asking me did I want them to keep track of my emails .....(to monitor how well the system suits me). I don't think so .... !!!!!   Give us a break Microsoft.  When things work don't change them.   Now a simple task of reading one's emails each day is like writing a thesis.    I wish they would give everyone options of how or what they wanted their computer to work or do.. instead of foisting upon us all the gadgets and widgets and anything else they can think of ...as if we were all computer nerds with nothing better to do than sit and figure stuff out all day just for the simplest of tasks to work.  

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