Friday, November 19, 2010

Good heavens it is super cold and snowy here for us this week.  I'm hoping next week will lighten up a bit for us so we can at least go outside and wrap up our little trees out front so the deer won't eat them during the winter.  They nearly devoured them from the ground to about half way up but the wrapping last year helped to save them and they grew new bits this past spring.   Now its time to do that again but it's just so awfully cold out there. 

This morning I did go out to put more seed for the little chickadees which seem to think I'm a supermarket coming to their aid .... I love them all so much. They are so pretty with their little white, grey and black feathers.  I stood under the feeders looking at the seeds for a couple of moments when all of a sudden a whole bunch of birds landed on me and onto the feeders right in front of my nose. I could look into their eyes from only a couple of inches away and as I did so one little chickadee went straight into the plastic jug I was carrying the seeds in.  He selected the bit he wanted and out he flew again.  I was amazed that they weren't frightened of me. Perhaps they are the same ones returning each year and know I won't hurt them.

One little one was standing on the feeder ledge at the bottom of the container and he was pecking away at the wood.  The bottom half of him didn't move and he was feverishly pecking as if to free himself.  I thought oh God ... please tell me he's not frozen to the wood. His little legs would surely break and I had no clue how I would get him unfrozen.    I suppose I'd have to lean in close to him and breathe my warm breath onto him .....   As I watched and talked to him and he continued to peck at the wood ... suddenly his little legs moved and he was okay.  I guess he was just pecking at a small piece of dried fruit from the bird seed I'd put there.  But what a fright I got. I did not want to see him remain and perish in the cold.   A friend of ours once saw a hummingbird frozen to a branch.  Many .. I know .. have their little legs break in the cold.   It's stunning how creatures can survive at all when its so cold... and it's not even that low really ... minus 21 degrees... It can go much lower than that. 

A good time for me to make some things on my computer and share them here with you.    And I'm still saying my prayers for the Air Force pilot lost in Alaska.  It's not looking good for him. So sad.........

A little card for you to use for Christmas.  Soft and delicate and inspired by all the white around me here in the woods of northern British Columbia. Click on the image to see it full size and save it to your folders.

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