Sunday, November 28, 2010

I had missed my Sherlock game and couldn't find the dvd I saved it too so I could install it onto our new computer.  Well finally after hours of searching I gave up and went online ... it was on sale ... $4.99 only ... so I purchased it again.

At least I knew it would be working properly (keeping my fingers crossed) when I installed it.  Yes it works fine.
Then I found the dvd I had made of it when I purchased it last year.  Oh well... isn't that always the way.   It's a great game and its like watching a movie.  The graphics are stunning .... and after printing out the 50 pages of walkthrough I'll be set for the winter doing all the tasks and solving the crimes.  Love it love it love it................... :-)
That will keep me busy whilst the snow is coming down .....

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