Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Is winter upon us already. I didn't think it was quite time yet. This morning I have shovelled off our huge deck ... shovelled snow from the steps at the front and the back.  Cleared a spot for my hubby to park the truck, shovelled a path to the bird feeders at the bottom of the yard and one also over to our shed in case we need to get something from there.  I've also opened the gate for the deer to come into our yard which I'm sure they will be doing pretty quickly.  Yesterday was much the same as today... with our friend who lives further up in the woods telling me he had to use a crowbar to get into his truck. The door was frozen solidly shut.  Last night we also had to bring in an electrical cable from the shed and lay it out in the living room to thaw it out we could plug it into the power point near the front door and run it across the deck and up into the engine of the truck so we can start the darn thing when we need to use the vehicle. .  It's horrible out there....bitterly cold.  Now I'm ready for a nice warm cup of chocolate and maybe some spaghetti for lunch............ oh dear!!  It's way too cold already .........

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