Thursday, November 25, 2010

Isn't he a cute santa on my background ... I love him because he obviously loves animals with all those cats around him.  I don't think there is anything nicer than being in your bed and being surrounded or at least sat on ... by your pets.  When my sweet little guy Wilbur was a puppy he would try and chew the pages of the book I was reading. He loved snuggling up close to me ... snoozing in the afternoon sunshine often upside down with all legs in the air.... or going around and around in a circle many times till he felt it was the right spot to plonk himself down next to his mum.  He used to snore (as does my beautiful grand dog) ... they are so funny.  I can imagine in this cold .. not yet winter... we seem to be having here in Canada and across the USA that many pets would be curled up cosily on the beds of their owners.  No matter how big your house is they all tend to congregate into the one spot .. and that's as close as they can be to you ... on your bed. It's like sleeping with a bunch of bears ...  :-)   Gotta love it !!! 

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