Monday, November 1, 2010

You can click on the image and see the grands larger ... :-)   halloween-ing.
We had some little ones come visit last night .. actually more than usual.  I guess the weather was nicer so they were out more.  One little one was walking along in the twilight ... tiny little tot with a bandage dragging behind. Obviously it was a mini-mummy.  lol....

I opened the door to meet them and dad was carrying the mini-mummy up the front steps.  I could only see the back and asked if it was a little girl or a little boy.  Dad explained it was a girl and when she turned around her little pink outfit had been covered in sewn on bits of white sheet cut into strips.  Dad explained that the big-mum had bought the sheet and sewn on the strips herself.   The little girl looked great and I think she was the cutest and nicest one of our visitors.

They all seemed to arrive with lots of goodies in their bags already. We had princesses, draculas, spidermans, scarecrows, clowns, even a giraffe turned up.  So funny.   Our Connor and Hannah seemed to be having a good time by their photo ... even though we were not able to see them in person as they live a long way away from us now.    

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