Thursday, December 23, 2010

Good news about the World Trade Centre rescuers getting their billion dollar and more health package.  They certainly deserve it.  I can only imagine working for years in the dust, and chemicals and whatever else was happening at the disaster site. Breathing in all that crappy stuff ...   And Christmas travellers seem to be getting back on track in airports which were closed for many days due to winter storms.    Nice news about Ellen Degeneres donating one million meals to homeless pets.  Oh how I wish I had millions of dollars to help them all.  Good on you Ellen.. thank you for doing that.  And I am enjoying my second Sherlock Holmes video game .. especially today whilst I'm home alone. Hubby has gone out on a logging truck with a friend ... I'd love to have been going too but not room for another person.  The scenery would be magnificent..and I hope he comes home with some photos .............

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